English Schools

There are over 5 million (5,000,000) tourists who enter the Dominican Republic every year. Tourism represents about 10% of the DR’s nominal GDP.  Needless to say, the ability to service this group of visitors in their native language (and indeed more than half of that 5 million come from native English speaking countries) is extremely important.

If you are an owner, or potential owner, of an English school for Spanish speakers in the Dominican Republic my web development shop is right up your alley.  I have created numerous websites for English schools in a number of parts of the World. I currently live in the DR and am eager to use my accumulated DR-related domains and online properties to help get your website/school in front of potential purchasers.

I make Spanish language websites for the DR.

Additionally I handle website hosting for sites targeting the Dominican Republic.  I have thought strategically about hosting options (which means both internal server equipment choice/options) but also location of one’s data center. I have a blog post relating to the question: Where should I host my Dominican Republic website?